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President's Club Night Owl

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to step into the locker room of a professional team and hear the players and coaches putting it all on the table before they step on the field or court to go into battle together?

The spirit … The experience of veteran players … the camaraderie … the attitude of team before self …

That’s the feeling you get during a President’s Club Night Owl!

Training and association with the all-stars of The Alliance …

That’s what you get during a President’s Club Night Owl!

You can’t duplicate the environment and feeling of belonging to an elite fraternity where new and old bond together to make the club even stronger through sharing knowledge and wisdom in an open-dialogue in a circle of teammates you can trust …

That’s what goes down during a President’s Club Night Owl!

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It’s where you can see Andy Albright and other elite MVPs with The Alliance roll up their sleeves, engage in fierce conversations, share tactical strategies and learn from the most talented people from all over the United States. Albright and his Black Card team are placed all over the country weekly to make sure the entire President’s Club team is involved, there are no secrets kept from the team and successes are shared.

After a day of all access training and an opportunity meeting, there is a Night Owl held. The locations vary – it could be a basement, a hotel conference room or a restaurant. The setting is far less important than the people, the atmosphere and the energy in the room.

NAA’s leadership has taken extreme measures to get through to its team members to make the team stronger. Some nights, the Night Owl atmosphere is relaxed and peaceful, however the intensity of each extra session varies.

The one factor that doesn’t change is how real and life changing these nights can be for our agents. Maybe an agent is having trouble with finances, leads, recruiting or in-home sales. No matter what the struggle, our leaders are there to address the problem and coach our agents in the right direction. These meetings are a great time for our leaders to let their guard down and give each team member the information they need to excel in this business. The training during Night Owl meetings is worth thousands of dollars in other fields. If you want to be the best athlete, you are going to go to the best camps, find the best coaches and train with the best athletes you can get around. The concept is the same with President’s Club Night Owl meetings. You are around the best managers and agents with NAA and you get the association needed to improve your business.

NAA has effectively built powerful rotation meetings in 64 cities and counting. These cities comprise some of the largest metropolitan areas of the United States. Our leaders within NAA are routinely making stops in these cities to train and educate our members. Some of the most powerful and insightful training, coaching, and mentoring is the President’s Club Night Owl after the general meeting. This is where President’s Club members have access to the host’s as well as other President’s Club members.

In America a typical consult fee from a consecutive millionaire in multiple industries for more than three years is upwards of $ 10,000 a day. Time with our top producers is given to our President’s Club members routinely. Take advantage of these powerful meetings and seek the answers you need to catalyze your business with NAA. Meeting not in your area? All of NAA’s event’s hold these powerful night owls and are comprised of the same leaders as well as our CEO Andy S. Albright.

Find a Night Owl near you today and get plugged in!

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