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Alex Abuyuan

Alex Abuyuan

Master General Agent

Alex Abuyuan is living the American dream. He runs a successful master agency with National Agents Alliance, travels with his wife to exciting locations, drives a top of the line Lexus, and is able to be a full time father to his five children. His agency is a constant on the top of the company's leader boards. He has helped countless agents break out with their own agencies. He has been a mentor, a teacher, and a leader at NAA. But Alex's beginnings were a very different story. Born on a US Navy base in Kenitra, Morocco, Alex has never forgotten how hard it was being different. 'When I was in kindergarten, my Dad was stationed in Georgia. I will never forget my classmates making fun of me because I was born in a different place and looked different than them.' It was during that time that Alex began his disdain for prejudice and his support 'for the underdog'. Being the son of an enlisted man meant Alex was moved almost every two years. 'We didn't have a lot of money, but we didn't know it. We lived in some rough parts of inner cities. It was how I learned to make new friends easily and learned that racial prejudice is stupid.' When his father finally retired from the Navy and joined the Federal Government in Fremont, California, Alex was finally able to settle down in one location. He attended both Middle and High Schools in Fremont before earning his Bachelor of Science in General Engineering and Economics at the US Air Force Academy, where only 1% of applicants are accepted.Alex was an Honor and Ethics representative at the Academy. 'It was my job to teach the honor code and the ethics behind it: 'We will not lie, steal, or cheat, nor tolerate anyone who does'.' After graduation, Alex decided to pursue graduate studies. He got his Masters in Economics at Wright State University in Ohio. Alex thought he had found a stepping stone to success, but instead discovered that 'success in life and financial freedom don't come from education and advanced degrees. In fact, I had to overcome my education to finally become financially successful. All advanced degrees do is give you a chance to brag on how smart you are so you can justify being a slave to a job.' After college, Alex became a defense contracting consultant for the Air Force. 'Air Force Colonels and Generals were listening to my advice because they were paying the company that employed me $200 an hour for my services. I made sure Defense Contractors building Air Force weapon systems didn't rip the government off by developing $500 toilet seats, and making sure the software to run that toilet seat was delivered on time and within budget. I learned how much the government bureaucracy wastes tax payer money.' Then, three days before Christmas and one day before the expected birth of his first child, Alex experienced a professional disaster. 'My manager called me into his office, and I assumed he was going to congratulate me on having my first child and tell me to take my time coming back from Christmas vacation. Instead, he proceeded to tell me that they lost a defense contract so they would have to 'furlough' me ' their way of saying 'fired'. It was a big blow to my ego.' Fortunately, Alex had a business on the side that allowed the growing family to 'float for a while.' Alex never told his wife about his layoff, even though she was wondering why he was home so much. 'I told her that I had some extra time off from work. I didn't want to put that pressure on her. She didn't know about it until I found a new job two months later! From then on, I started trying to find a way to get free! After a few years, Alex moved to an executive recruiting job making $120,000 year and spending 60+ hours per week away from home. By this time, Alex and his wife Ginny had three children. 'The job owned me. I was an absentee father to my three kids and part time husband to my wife. That's when I made the decision to find something else that would buy my freedom back. I made the decision to NEVER be controlled by another man called a boss. And that's when National Agents Alliance came into my life.' 'I saw a lead system and a selling system. I had no idea about selling insurance. I just saw a way to maybe make some money and spend more time with my family. There were guys making over $100,000 a year part time. They were talking about spending money on their families, dropping $1,000 on a Las Vegas Trip, and never had to worry about taking vacation time from work. I thought, if those people can do it, I can too.' Alex started out with National Agents Alliance part time. He attended a Philip Hudgins training seminar, got a script and started running 10 leads a week. He was closing 3 to 5 applications per week and within two months had matched his six figure income selling insurance part time. After three months working part time at NAA, Alex committed to National Agents Alliance full time and 'entered the land of the living'. These days, Alex is riding high. He, Ginny, and children Zoe (10), Athan (8), Maddie (7), Nicholas (5), and Isabel (3) are able to enjoy the fruits of his labor with extended family vacations to the beach and Disneyworld. Alex also leads a Praise and Worship band and a Christian Rock band. In the fall of 2005, Alex even surprised his wife with two tickets to see the band U2 in concert. The concert had been sold out for a year, but on a whim he got on stubhub.com and dropped almost $3,000 to get tickets. 'To see the excitement of a little girl in her eyes was worth every penny ' I didn't now that that kind of happiness can still exist for an adult! I loved that so much, I surprised her again with two more tickets for us to see U2 in Cleveland a few months later!' And Alex just spent $5,000 to surprise the kids with a Disneyworld vacation for Thanksgiving! I can't wait to see the looks in their eyes!' Enjoy Alex. You deserve it!

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