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Alex Fitzgerald

Alex Fitzgerald

Managing General Agent

Alex Fitzgerald, one of National Agents Alliance's brightest and most enduring stars, was born and raised in Burlington, NC. He attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he earned a degree with a major in Psychology and minor in Religious Studies. After college, Alex worked as a self-employed salesman. He, along with his good friend Andy Albright, sold coupon books, LTC insurance, and just about anything else they could find. When thinking back to those days, Alex remembers being $80,000 in debt, having the grill of his Buick stolen and "a guy in the apartment complex putting it on a chain and wearing it around his neck." Needless to say, he was ready for a change. One day, Andy informed Alex that he and two of their other friends had decided to start their own business and invited him to become one of the first members. Alex decided to rely on his long-term trust of the three men and joined National Agents Alliance in its infancy. It was a brilliant move on his part. Working with NAA has allowed Alex the opportunity to help others while achieving financial independence, something he never thought possible. According to Alex, "Helping the clients and their families, knowing that they will not lose their house if there is an unfortunate event, and helping my agents make more money than they ever imagined and educating them on how to take care of it is the best!" Always striving to share his success with others, Alex advises his agents to "tie into the system and follow the 8 steps. Do every one of the steps to have unlimited success." And his guidance does not stop with his agents. Alex is hoping to be able to "fight financial illiteracy" by creating a financial curriculum for high school seniors. Currently, Alex and wife Heather have 3 little ones: Joseph, Zachary, and Kate. Their futures already look so bright. "National Agents Alliance has not only improved my life, but generations of Fitzgeralds to come. It's not just money with National Agents Alliance. It's the principles that I have learned and the integrity that I have gained that will change not only the financial futures of my descendants but their minds and values as well." Alex Fitzgerald's life is a far cry from his early days. As he reminisces about the changes, he recalls one clarifying moment. "I can remember floating in the surf in Oahu, Hawaii with Andy Albright on my first all expense paid trip from an insurance company. We were floating on some Noodles, looking back over the Ihilani Resort. There was a dormant volcano as a backdrop and it was all topped off with the clearest sky that you have ever seen. Andy looked at me and said, 'Hey beau. This is how we are going to live the rest of our lives.' He was right... we have. And it's just the beginning."

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