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Barron, Lindsay

Barron, Lindsay

Alliance Regional Producer

Lindsay Barron joined the Alliance seven (7) years ago after meeting Mike & Noelle Lewantowicz. "Mike & Noelle invited me to their office to observe the team environment, the training, & the leadership development within the Alliance. I was impressed and knew I could excel with the Alliance!" Lindsay hasn't looked back since! In addition to being a high performer with the Alliance, Lindsay has been a consistent winner of the "Elite Ladies of The Alliance" Contest. The ELA program began 2012 and continues thru today. The ELA program provides incentives and additional leadership training for women who earn over $100,000+ with the Alliance. Lindsay loves helping families. "The satisfaction I get from helping someone to protect their family & future is the best feeling. I love what I do and I enjoy providing solutions to the folks that make their family a priority. It is such an honor." Lindsay is a native of Indiana. Lindsay has an undergraduate degree in Technology from Indiana State University. Lindsay earned her M.B.A. from the University of Southern Indiana. Lindsay & Dan enjoy traveling across the world with the Alliance, gardening, glamping, & supporting their favorite charities.