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Chris Long

Chris Long

Agency Manager

East coast Rotational Meeting host Chris Long holds meetings in several states, including Florida, South Carolina and North Carolina. Chris and his wife Cortney live in St. Augustine, Fla., where he was an IT Manager for 15 years before joining National Agents Alliance. Chris had a chance meeting with Andy Riddle at a Japanese steakhouse when Riddle told him about NAA. After a meeting with Mark Womack, Long got his insurance license and began working part-time, which soon turned into full-time. “Meeting Andy Albright has opened doors for me that I never thought were possible,” Long said. “He’s taught me how to make more money than I or anyone in my family had ever made before, he’s taught me how to value association and the people that we meet over the things in our lives, and he’s taught me most importantly how to dream and achieve a better life for myself, my family, and future generations to come. I’m excited about what we have accomplished so far in the last three years, but I’m even more excited about what’s ahead!” In their free time, the Longs like to travel and listen to music.