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Dane Lavigne

Dane Lavigne

Key Leader

Former Wendy’s employee, Dane LaVigne, lives in Celebration, FL and was introduced to National Agents Alliance at age 17 by a family member who was already in the business. He couldn’t wait to turn 18 and get his insurance license, especially after meeting the other leaders in the company at local hotspots. Now Dane hosts Rotational Meetings in Florida and makes $250,000 per year. “I know I have found a home for the rest of my life,” Dane said. “I definitely know I am in business with the right group of people. I want financial freedom. I’ve been thinking about it since my early teenage years, you know, not having to make all of your decisions based on what your bank account says. I’ve gotten to experience some incredible things in the last 5 years with my best friends in the world.” In his free time, Dane likes to play hockey, basketball, or any other competitive sports. He also enjoys fishing, hunting, and other outdoor activities.