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Darrell W Elkins

Darrell W Elkins

National Sales Manager

Darrell Elkins was born in Harrisonville, MO and grew up in Springfield. Darrell spent a number of years in direct sales before joining NAA. When he saw the NAA sales system, he realized he had to learn how not to sell and to follow the Hudgins sales system. In September 2004, Darrell entered NAA after going through a trying year. He failed at another business venture and decided to return to a sales and marketing company for a paycheck. He knew this move would provide some money; however, it was most likely a short-term position. Darrell was right. All of his friends who worked there were already exploring other opportunities. One of those friends had just joined NAA and encouraged Darrell to look into it. "I decided that I was going to do exactly as Philip said," Darrell explained. "That way, if it didn't work out, I didn't have to blame myself. I could blame him. I had just lost everything that year because I did not have a program like NAA to plug into, so I was already tired of blaming myself. "My first sales call was with a 60+ year-old couple and using the 'I LOVE YOU' was a hard thing to do, but I got through it and closed my first deal for more than $1,200. When this 60+ year old customer looked at his wife and returned the I love you by saying, 'I love you too, Goochie Goo,' I knew I had heard something probably no one else in their family had heard him say. I was family from that point forward." Darrell closed his next 11 sales calls in a row. He kept going back to his other job telling the guys, "This has got to be illegal, but it can't be; it's life insurance, and life insurance companies have been around forever." Darrell finished out the year working no more than six hours a week and averaging $3,300 a month. At the end of the year he decided to find out what type of income he could earn if he worked with NAA full-time. In his first year of full-time work, Darrell earned his $100K income ring. He has never looked back. What Darrell likes best about NAA is he can live his dream of owning his own successful sales organization while being involved with a company of incredible ethics and fantastic leadership. "NAA has totally changed my life completely," Darrell said. "It has allowed me the freedom to make my own destiny based on my efforts." Darrell's success comes directly from the leadership of his upline leaders Patrick Connors and Alex Abuyuan, as well as the entire NAA ownership and staff. "I think what makes me the happiest is the rewards I receive when I am at a convention and people come up and ask to shake my hand while sharing a story of how they listened to me on an MP3 or heard me give a testimony at a convention and how that changed their life. What more can a person ask for -- knowing you're making a positive impact on people's lives." Darrell recommends that new agents submit to the leadership of NAA and commit to their goals, dreams and ambitions. He advises agents, "Never give up no matter how hard things get, and understand that commitment is the only thing that will allow you to achieve those dreams." Darrell wants to continue to grow his agency across the nation and to help other people reach their dreams. Darrell and his life mate, Mitzi Miller, have three children -- Neal, Sandon and Erika. They have an Airedale Terrier named Sweet Susie Jolee Aire. Darrell enjoys fly-fishing and spending time at his lake house. Darrell plans to one day receive his Million Dollar Income Ring.

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