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Diane Lampe

Diane Lampe

Junior Board Member (JBM)

Diane Lampe joined The Alliance immediately on January 10, 2006 after seeing the “big picture” and a mission she could not ignore. She was on the hunt for a company that would fit her values and goals. Prior to joining The Alliance, Diane had spent a number of years ascending the corporate ladder to the coveted position of Vice President, Sales and Marketing. While she experienced great success in the corporate world, she felt empty inside. She also owned and operated a mortgage company for several years. Diane’s entrepreneurial spirit was not satisfied – she knew there had to be a company that would have not only great income potential, but also make a difference in the lives of others each and every day. Once she saw The Alliance business plan, she knew her search had ended and she fell in love with The Alliance – the people, the marketing and the system that helps people achieve their dreams. Only six months after joining The Alliance, the Lampe Company became one of the Top 10 on The Alliance’s leaderboards in both production and recruiting. That meant that an otherwise overwhelming debt of $175,000 accumulated through another business was wiped by earning $388,000 in the first 11 months in business. And, then it got even better – in the first full year with The Alliance that number rose to $1.2 million, and she has never looked back. And, the best part, she has helped so many agents live their dreams because of The Alliance, and continues to make that a priority in her mission. “If you are not afraid of work and you are willing to follow the great system in place, you can become successful with the Alliance,” Diane Lampe said. “I am humbled and grateful that I found a place where dreams can come true and you don’t have to settle in life.  Anyone can do this.   Make the decision to jump in and help us help families across America, including your own. “ The mission is clear...come join us!