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Eric Bellaire

Eric Bellaire

District Manager / President CEO The Bellaire Agency INC

Eric Bellaire joined the United States Marine Corps after graduating from high school in 1983. Four years later Bellaire joined corporate America and took a job at Circuit City. During the next 10 years, Bellaire steadily climbed the ranks and was promoted to district manager, a position that paid just more than $125,000. Not too bad for a young man that didn’t attend college. Unfortunately, Bellaire got “pink slipped” and was suddenly out of work. That episode led to Bellaire not trusting corporate America. Getting by on his severance package and by selling cell phones out of the trunk of his car, Bellaire soon used his background in retail to open cell phone stores. Within a year, Bellaire was making $250,000. “It was awesome,” Bellaire said. Things were fine until 2008. Bellaire was preparing for the possibility that he would lose his dealership with Nextel Sprint. They were cutting back on the number of vendors they used, so Bellaire started looking for other opportunities. Bellaire discovered NAA® and started working part-time in 2008. After getting his license, a Nextel Sprint account executive assured Bellaire that he would be able to keep his cell phone dealership despite the cutbacks the company was making. “My family and I took a 12-day vacation to Paris,” Bellaire said. “Upon returning from that trip and a quick getaway to the Grand Canyon, we received a FedEx letter from Nextel Sprint in September of 2008 saying that our dealership agreement was in fact not being renewed. I was in turmoil and way over my head in debt. For the next three holiday months, my world was crashing down around me.” Bellaire and his family had grown accustomed to making more than $20,000 per month for the better part of a decade. Suddenly, that number was ZERO. Bellaire was facing debts of more than $16,000 per month. “I was losing my mind and my sanity,” Bellaire said. “I had the NAA® opportunity and was forced to run with it. I had no other options at this point that looked as promising as NAA® to replace the type of income I was accustomed to.” Bellaire was advised to attend the January 2009 NAA® National Convention. Tickets were $469 back then and the Bellaire’s sold their wedding bands to make the trip. The first 12 months Bellaire was with NAA® he made $150,000. His income jumped to $183,000 in 2010. Bellaire was named an agency manager in 2011 while earning $210,000. Bellaire’s income jumped again to $243,000 in 2012 and again in 2013 to just over $287,000, in 2014 Bellaire's income went to $323,000, in 2015 Bellaire made over $500,000 with The Alliance.. Bellaire has more than just his income growing in addition to the 8 kids him and his wife have, in 2013 grandchild #9 and #10 were born, to say the least the Bellaire’s are extremely happy to be a part of NAA®. “It is now our way to help people we meet with our products and services and our opportunity,” Bellaire said. “We will become financially free and help others get there as well along the way! Thank you Andy & Jane Albright for this wonderful opportunity.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MpE_Muof8Y