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Galbraith, Scott C

Galbraith, Scott C

"Everyone has a uniqueness about them...... It's how we are created. It's the decisions we make and what we do with that uniqueness that sets us apart. If you want to have an extraordinary life (and who doesn't), then it's time to make a decision to put a plan of action together to grow intentionally into your uniqueness." Scott first found that plan of action by becoming a certified John Maxwell Leadership speaker, trainer and coach. What was missing though was the road map to reach his personal and business financial goals. "Without a doubt the NAA is the road map to reach those goals of financial freedom. Through the leadership of Andy Albright and the system that the NAA has created, anyone who is coachable, accountable and willing to grow can far exceed even their own expectations. What’s really great about all this is we have tons of fun, make lots of money and make a big difference in a whole lot of people. It doesn’t get any better than that.” Come check us out. I’m looking forward to personally meeting you this Thursday at 7:00pm. While you’re at it, bring a friend or two with you!