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Hadde, James Louis

Hadde, James Louis

Aloha Kakahiako! I'm James Hadde from Honolulu, Hawai'i. This is my fourth year with NAA and it has immensely changed the life of me and my family. It has allowed us to cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude and give back to our island community. Previously I had been an elementary school teacher for fifteen years. With NAA, I still work closely with people, but now I teach adults how to protect their family from financial devastation and assist them in receiving lifetime income. And guess what, I love it! When I'm not helping someone else join our Alliance, I find time to surf, snowboard, read books, and then read a few more books! Hope to meet you at our next Hot Spot. Let me show you how NAA can change YOUR life like it has changed mine!