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Hal & Ellen Rosen

Hal & Ellen Rosen

Agency Manager

Ellen and Hal were both born in St Louis, Missouri and have lived there practically their whole lives. Hal received a degree from the University of Missouri and Ellen went to work as a Beautician so that they could get married upon Hal's graduation from college. The Rosen's were in the vacation industry prior to finding NAA. "The business was great for 16 years and then the 'do not call' list was passed by Congress and we could only invite prospective clients to see our product that were not on the list. I basically had my head in the sand thinking things would get better and spending everything we had accumulated to pay the bills. Finally Ellen insisted I put my resume on Monster.com and then I received a call from Tamara Roberts." Once Hal's resume was on Monster.com, he received tons of calls from many insurance companies and simply wasn?t interested. For some unknown reason, Hal answered Tamara?s call and then watched the Tuesday night webinar with Fitz. The webinar mentioned the training in Dallas, "I told Ellen, let's go there in a few weeks and check it out. She insisted we go the next weekend. I made hotel reservations for just Sunday night, thinking I would go to the office, meet the people and go home to 'think about it'". Well needless to say, Hal and Ellen met Alex Fitzgerald AKA Fitz, and Paul Roberts and stayed for the full training, and then made plans to attend the upcoming Leadership conference in Atlanta. "We are older than most starting out in a new career, but it gave us a purpose in life while our friends are retiring and bored. At our age we dream about being financially well off, (being able to write a check without worrying about subtracting it from the checkbook) being able to build a financial legacy for our son and daughter and our 3 grandkids." According to Hal and Ellen, Paul Roberts had lots of patience in working with them. "Being older, we tend to have developed 'our way' in doing things. There is no doubt in my mind that being under the 'Fitz' umbrella with Paul has made all the difference in our success. We have a long way to go but we know we will make it to the top!" "Every morning we wake up with a purpose and are so excited to get up and get going. The life experience that is taught by being part of this organization is invaluable. You cannot put a dollar figure on the mentoring that is given in all aspects of life." Hal and Ellen Rosen now know they have the vehicle to be able to enjoy life in a way they never imagined. The Rosen's have been married for 47 years and have 2 children, Mindy and son-in-law Seth as well as a son Kevin who they hope will be successful with his career with NAA. They also have 3 grandchildren, Aryeh and twins Gavi and Edie. Their grandchildren attend private day schools and one of their goals is to be able to pay the $32,000 fees. "We know we will grow over time to be a very large agency with many agency managers. We are starting to plan on growing in other areas outside of our home state."