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James Hill

James Hill

Agency Manager

James and Jane Hill are Agency Managers with the Alliance. He has a background with the Marine Corp and was going through OCS when he got injured and realized life had a different direction planned for him. He was exposed to leadership principles through many authors like John Maxwell and got introduced to the idea of residual income through books like Rich Dad, Poor Dad when he joined a door to door sales organization. It was there, he met his wife Jane. Jane had just graduated from college and was about to attend law school when she was looking for a sales job to get more comfortable with people skills. They both went from going door to door, to selling carpet, to starting a community center for kids, and finally to investing in real estate. Only to come into real estate right when the market crashed. Not having any guidance and just struggling through the market, they were in the process of losing rental property, piling up credit card debt and almost losing their own home. They knew they needed a change and that's when he stumbled across a career builder ad for mortgage protection and found the Alliance. It has not always been easy, but as Andy Albright says, it's worth it. Everything in life worth doing is an uphill climb. Working with the Alliance has allowed not just personal financial success but allowed James and Jane to help others grow their dreams and achieve for their families as well.

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