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Jason & Tawny Carey

Jason & Tawny Carey

Agency Manager

Our journey started just over ten years ago as a couple in the United States Army, being told what to do, where to go and how to do it. We strived to be the best we could be, at anything we put our minds to, but always knowing that there was something missing.... That we could be more, do more, and contribute to more in our lives. It wasn't until we were forced with a decision. Do we stay in the Army?? It was comfortable, safe, and secure in the Army or do we get out and change our lives. We realized that we had ATOMIC BOMB potential inside of us but that we were settling for fire cracker lives. We were living a life that did not challenge us, or face it, pay all that great. Needless to say we choose to release the atomic bomb potential. The only thing we had left to find, was the avenue in which to channel that energy. We found that with National Agents Alliance and we haven't looked back since then. Our agency is committed to developing the Atomic bomb potential in each one of our agents, So lets leave behind our fire cracker lives and get ready to impact our world !!!!