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Jeremy T. Patton

Jeremy T. Patton

Agency Manager

Jeremy Patton grew up the oldest of 4 in Plano, TX. Always a top performer, his high school football team won the State Championship his Junior and Senior Year which earned him a football scholarship to Lindenwood University. After college, Jeremy launched several businesses, but never found the right fit. During a short career at a corporate job, he met Paul Roberts. The two remained friends while Jeremy pursued other business opportunities. Still not happy with his level of success, he was interested in the NAA opportunity that Paul had found just 3 months earlier. Inspired by Paul's enthusiasm and commission checks, Jeremy was sold! In March of 2005, he joined the business part-time while spending the remainder of his time selling his other business. In January 2006, Jeremy went full-time and earned his income ring with over $150,000 in commissions that year and just under $300,000 this past year. His love for the business and his income have grown each year. As a top personal producer with NAA, Jeremy made good money, but "good" money was never his dream. By January 2008, Jeremy had married Amy, the love of his life, and together they decided it was time to build a business. His passion for helping others be successful is what pushes him to travel the country and keep him up late at night. Jeremy wants more for his family. He dreams of a home for his kids to grow up in, family vacations, time with friends, and the freedom to make choices that do not depend on his bank account. He dreams of providing for his family and giving this same opportunity to others who have big dreams. People are attracted to Jeremy by his warmth and sincerity. His character and his huge heart are instantly obvious to anyone who meets him. Jeremy's honesty and integrity are above reproach and for this reason, he has earned the respect of his agency and his peers. His vision for the future keeps his business growing and is helping him reach his goal of becoming a proud member of NAA's Millionaire Club. "What drew me to NAA was the chance to be a part of something bigger than myself. Having owned other businesses, I was instantly impressed with the system and the amount of thought and design that the owners put into creating this opportunity. What has cemented my loyalty to NAA is the leadership full of integrity and character that I found in Paul Roberts, and Alex Fitzgerald as well as Andy Albright and Barry Clarkson. National Agents Alliance is the best vehicle to change your family's financial future for generations to come."