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Justin Karsnitz

Justin Karsnitz

Key Leader

My name is Justin Karsnitz and I'm from Lexington, KY. I have been working with Mike and Noelle Lewantowicz and The Alliance since April, 2006. I have a beautiful 8 year old daughter named Alice who I love with all my heart. I started out working with The Alliance part time just to make some extra money. I was doing remodeling/carpentry work at the time and couldn't see a future there so I knew I was looking for something bigger. When I saw I was making more $$$ part time helping families here then at my full time remodeling job I knew it was time to make a switch! The thing I love most about The Alliance is that I have the freedom to grow an amazing business team AND always have plenty of time for my daughter. As I move forward and continue to build our business it's exciting to meet all the sharp new people looking for something bigger and better just like I was.

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