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Marcellus, Mark L

Marcellus, Mark L

District Manager

Mark Marcellus found out about The Alliance via an email from a former colleague Andy Riddle in December of 2007. Marcellus wasn’t interested then, but that changed in February of 2013. Marcellus, who was working at Bank of America, was told they were going to lower his salary. Riddle saw that Marcellus had liked “The Energy Bus” by Jon Gordon on social media and reached out to his friend again. “By the time I was done meeting with Andy at Starbucks, I was in,” Marcellus said. “I got in the car and immediately recruited my first agent.” After corporate jobs with Merrill Lynch, Bank of America and being a middle school teacher for six years, Marcellus finally found a job where he feels free. “I enjoy the freedom and flexibility of setting my own schedule and I’m proud to make an impact in the lives of families,” Marcellus said. Marcellus and his wife Jennifer live in Jacksonville, Fla. with their children – Benjamin and Madelyn. In addition to making good money with NAA, Marcellus said there are other benefits. “The intrinsic things like communicating with my children and my wife in a much better way,” Marcellus said. “That was a surprising side effect. I’ve been able to regain control of my time and put my destiny in my own hands and not in the hands of the corporate world. I choose when to work and when to be with my family.”