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Mathis, Olga L

Mathis, Olga L

Elite Lady of The Alliance

Olga Mathis joined the Alliance April 15 2013 after 25 years with American Airlines as a luggage handler, throwing bags into the belly of airplanes. Her “Banker” husband Jason Mathis, was working full time with Bank of America, & joined The Alliance full time the last week of September 2014 when his wife gave him a full time job of building the agency nationwide! When asked … Why did Jason leave the security of corporate America his response: “Well I saw my wife making 4,000, 6,000, 8,000 9,200 in deposits each month and this “Banker” “got smart” and took the job my wife offered to build our agency! We love The Alliance and love the people we work with. Andy Albright has a GREAT SYSTEM even a luggage handler and a banker can do. Olga & Jason have plugged into the “system” and created a PASSIVE $17,000.00/Month income from our agency, thanks to the simple system! Anyone with a strong work ethic can be successful with The Alliance System! On top of that Olga still sells and she will do over $100,000 in income from her own “pen”!