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Michael Owens

Michael Owens

MGA, Agency Manager

Michael Owens was born on an Air Force Base in Lakenheath, England but primarily grew up in Ohio. Michael attended some college at Wright State University. He then owned a cell phone and pager business and also ran a large insurance call center. In 2005, Michael attended a road show informational meeting hosted by Andy Albright, Barry Clarkson and Philip Hudgins. During this meeting, Philip told the crowd they were grabbing pitch forks and were marching across America on a crusade to help American families. The presentations at this meeting convinced Michael that this was something he could believe in. He "sold out" to National Agents Alliance in January of 2006. "National Agents Alliance has not only allowed me to be successful but also significant," Michael said. "NAA has given me an opportunity to be successful in my lifetime both emotionally and financially, but more importantly, it has given me an opportunity to be significant to my children and for generations to continue." "As Lou Holtz says, ?Being successful ends the day you pass; it will only last one lifetime; but if ?significant? you will continue to help people long after you are gone. Significance lasts many lifetimes.?" Michael loves the "outrageous support system" he has with NAA. He also said he enjoys the "freedom" that success with NAA has brought him. He attributes his success to the support he receives from the owners and agents, to books, and to the company?s leadership at ALL levels. "National Agents Alliance has provided me with so much," Michael said. "I have been able to travel the United States helping families while providing a financial future for my own family. More importantly, NAA has allowed my wife to stay home and be with our children... and being a mother of five kids is a huge job." Michael and his wife, Angie, have five boys - Josh, Billy, Logan, and twins Jake and Cody. Their family has a Labrador named Chong, a Jack Russell named Duke, and a cat named Dutchess. Michael advises new agents to follow the system, plug into everything, and get as close as you can to your growing upline manager or team leader. "National Agents Alliance has shown me tools to not only improve my life by making a solid income, but just as important, has given me an opportunity to help others have the same thing...which to me is extremely rewarding," Michael said. Michael would like to one day design and build the largest youth athletic facility in the United States, encompassing the finest facilities, equipment and coaches available to be enjoyed not only by his family but by thousands of families throughout the year. "I would like to continue to grow as an individual and as a professional with National Agents Alliance guidance by passing the vision of doing good while doing well and allowing people to earn what they are really worth," Michael said. "By doing this, I believe I will accomplish the secondary goals of both the Million Dollar Club and the Multi-Million Dollar Club."

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