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Paul Roberts

Paul Roberts


Previous Occupation: Mortgage Business Previous Income: Unknown Current Income: $414,000+ Paul Roberts grew up with his sister and single mom in a suburb of Houston, TX. Always a mischievous kid, Paul spent his teenage years in and out of trouble. He graduated 502 out of 522 from Spring High School and proceeded to try his hand at community college. After being asked to leave several community colleges, most notably Bunker Hill Community College in Boston, Paul returned to Texas to start making money. After successful careers in healthcare recruiting and the security industry, Paul was still not happy with his level of success. He always had a burning desire to build a company and create wealth for his family and generations to come. In 2005, Paul answered a newspaper ad which led him to Alex Fitzgerald. Inspired by Fitz?s enthusiasm and leadership, Paul joined NAA and began his journey of self-improvement. Growing up without a father, Paul found wisdom and counsel in the leadership of National Agents Alliance?. Andy Albright taught him to read books to change his life. Philip Hudgins taught him how to thrive off of life, not just survive. Barry Clarkson taught him to expect a good fight in life. Alex Fitzgerald taught him to quit watching the news and guard his heart and mind from the negative in the world. With the support of his wife Tamara and their girls Torre and Randi, Paul set out to accomplish his dreams. In 2006, Paul was promoted to agency manager and earned his income ring. But there were still many struggles ahead for Paul. His financial decisions over the preceding years had placed him in significant debt, totaling almost $200,000. As he fought to build his business, he lost several cars and almost his home as it went up on the auction block. In spite of the challenges, Paul Roberts kept fighting. He believed in NAA? and the dreams he had for his family and their future. By January 2009, The Roberts Group had developed a stable business structure with 3 Agency Managers in the organization. He was able to retire his wife Tamara so she could be a full-time mom to their girls. Paul believes this life he lives now is not just meant for him but for countless others that have a dream and a desire to win. His passion for helping others be successful is what pushes him to travel the country and share the vision of National Agents Alliance?. In 2008, Paul Roberts earned $414,000 and plans to exceed the $1 million income level in the next year. "The NAA System is the key to success with this organization. We don't need superstars to change our business philosophy; we need coachable players to execute the successful National Agents Alliance business plan." Paul loves his family, his 2 labs Jack and Trophy, and traveling the beaches of the world. If he is not at the office, you will find him at home spending quality time with his girls and throwing the Frisbee for Jack.

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