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Penny Wilson

Penny Wilson

District Manager

Little Elm, Texas resident and Texas Rotational Meeting host, George Wilson, was “flipping houses” and in the mortgage industry when the housing market began to head south. That’s when George met Diane Lampe, who urged him to come to Dallas for a meeting. With nothing to lose George went to Dallas, but wasn’t immediately sold on NAA. “I was a little leery,” Wilson said. “I knew insurance was important but I never saw myself as an agent. Diane explained to me that National Agents Alliance was different because of how their lead system works. After a few minutes it made total sense to me. I told Diane, ‘If this is legal, I’m in.’ It was, so I went and got my license.” Wilson and his wife, Penny, have two sons together, Jaryd and Jake. Jaryd has since decided to become a licensed insurance agent and began working for NAA. Because of NAA, Penny has been able to quit her job and work with her husband on their business. Wilson’s next goal is to create a $1 million per month agency in the next two years, and to help the people on their team reach their financial goals. “Through the leadership of Andy Albright, anyone who is coachable, accountable and, oh yeah, willing to make the necessary changes in their life and work hard can become a better version of themselves,” George said. “And make a lot of Money helping American Families!”