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Ray, Melanie R

Ray, Melanie R

Melanie and her husband Chadwick Ray, live in Northern Virginia, with their 2 daughters. Before joining National Agents Alliance in 2008, Melanie was finishing her Master’s Degree and had just had their first child. Newly married and parents, they found their financial situation very quickly putting them in an uncomfortable position. Chad ran across an advertisement boasting “good money, part-time work” and decided to see what it was all about. Within months of Chad getting started and seeing results while working his FT accounting position, Melanie went to an event at HQ where she met Andy Albright and the team that would over the course of the next 9 years would assist in way more than finances. Chad and Melanie are commited to the growth and culture that the Alliance has to offer. Melanie feels a personal responsibility to help however she can because of her gratitude for the team. ‘All I wanted was to keep the lights on and pay for diapers for my daughter but I’m thankful that what we got in return was more than I could have imagined.”