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Robert N. Wilson Iii

Robert N. Wilson Iii

Key Leader / ACP

Robert N. Wilson III is affectionately known as "Sarge" by National Agents Alliance President and CEO Mr. Andy Albright because of Robert's 21 years of Honorable Service in the US Army. During his tour "Sarge" served as a Military Police Officer in Germany, a Combat Infantry Sergeant, & a Training Instructor at Ft. DIX NJ. While serving in Tikrit/Bayji Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom 3 in 2005, "Sarge" completed over 200 Combat Missions in the Sunni Triangle. He was a Hummvee Turret Machine Gunner. Robert obtained many awards as well as A Combat Infantry Badge (CIB) His Infantry Unit lost 6 men during the war and he will never forget them. Robert also has many years of sales experience with many companies ranging from cable TV to Home Security Systems. On May 07th 2011 Robert Says he became the most luckiest man in the world when his lovely Wife Mona said yes and they were married. Robert and Mona and their Dog "BRUNO" live in a suburb outside of Philadelphia. Robert Joined National Agents Alliance in September 2010 and has each year earned an all expense paid vacation courtesy of the Insurance Companies NAA represents. Shortly after Robert & Mona's wedding in 2011 Robert tragically lost his Sister Lori at the young age of 44 years of age and his father Robert JR, at the young age of 67. Their tragic sudden passing within 6 months time period has further cemented Robert's belief in NAA and Mortgage Protection. Robert had to sell his parents home practically overnight after his father passed away and as a result, his mother had lost a significant amount of equity on the sale. Robert is a Growing Leader within National Agents Alliance and he attributes his growth and success to his Hiring Managers Andy & Jane Albright, Chadwick & Melanie Ray, and Lorin & Erin Atkins. Robert as well credits his growth to his top hired family in Bryan & Emily Mendenhall. Come out and see Robert N. Wilson III AKA "SARGE" about how you can Have fun, Make Money and Make a Difference.