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Swindle, Brant

Swindle, Brant


Brant Swindle (pronounced "Swindell") started with The Alliance working part time in April 2013, while working a 60 hour a week job at Bank of America as an Mortgage Underwriter. His start in sales was not the greatest, going 0 for 14 on appointments before realizing that, as he puts it, "the problem was me, not the leads." Although he was not an instant success, he stuck to running 20 appointments consistently every week. After 90 days of making countless corrections, being coached at local hotspots, and working the system, Brant was able quit his job and went full time with the Alliance in July 2013. His first year in business with the Alliance he made over $109,000 in commissions and every year since has seen their income increase. In 2017, Brant was #4 producer in the nation with over $276,000 in issue paid premium and 80 direct recruits. Now, he and his wife Angelica reside in Jacksonville Beach, FL where they raise their son Brightman, and are building an agency across the United States of America. Brant attributes his success to God, Andy Albright, the amazing Alliance family, and an incredible system that anyone can learn and duplicate. He is passionate about making a difference and showing others the system that changed his families entire life.