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Thomas, Cory

Thomas, Cory

Key Leader

Cory has always had a strong work ethic and it showed with each increased role in the business world. "I always want to be the best at each task. My dad taught me to make myself invaluable by working smarter than everyone else." Cory has owned several small to medium sized businesses over the past 20 years and has found great success, but a purpose was missing. In 2015 he ran into a long-time friend Michele Alleman and saw her success. What he really noticed was her happiness and fulfillment she was enjoying from her agency. Helping new agents achieve their financial goals or protecting families with the BEST life insurance, either option is truly giving a purpose. Cory realized that his Why in life is helping others so he made the move to National Agents Alliance® and is working hard to build a successful team!! Cory's goal for 2019 is to obtain Regional Manager level and help build 10 fully operational agencies across the US!!!