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Tracey, Chris

Tracey, Chris


Hey all, my name is Chris Tracey and I was hired by Jared Linden part of the Randy Gratz agency. Just a little bit about me is I am married to my lovely wife Sarah. I have two amazing little boys David he is 2 years and 9 months and Joshua he is 9 months. When I started with NAA Jared showed me how I could make an extra income just helping families. But there was a different reason for me why I wanted this. I had been working with King Soopers a Kroger grocery chain. I had been working 70 plus hours a week there. I was a Night Crew Foreman at their new found Mega stores. I use to travel around with the company and remodel all the stores and have fun doing that. But it was time to actually see my wife and kids for. So I got put back in a store under a store manager that I hated. They would work me so hard and I don’t know about you all but if you have ever worked nights before it sucks. You are dealing with a different type and breed of people. We have known them for about 3 years. Jared saw me crawling in the door way to often on a daily basis. So I wanted out and to achieve financial freedom and a schedule that was not going to kill me. I wanted control of my life. I also wanted to see my family more. Now with NAA I have that freedom that I wanted. I am able to provide for my family and help my boys grow up.